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Science based and response driven training, delivered to meet the needs of each individual athlete


Advance Cycle Coaching are an online coaching company working with both professional and amateur athletes worldwide.

​Whether you are racing at the highest level or you are just wanting to build fitness for a one off event, we understand that to succeed it requires focus on both the physiological and specific demands of each athlete and event.

Our job is to keep on top of science based training and physiology research. We use state of the art software, Training Peaks and WKO5, to allow us to deliver athletes efficient & tailored training based on each individuals response.

​We completely understand athletes busy schedules and time constraints that can impact training – we work with you to create structured training around life, work and family.


I have worked with Lee Eaton for over 5 years and year on year my physical & mental capacity to compete on a bike has significantly increased. Previously to joining Lee I had been with two other coaches and on joining I quickly realised that Lee's depth of knowledge & understanding of his athletes are second to none. I am now competing in events I would only have dreamt of in the past, and at a level I didn't think was possible. The feedback and review he provides for every session is invaluable

Carl Salisbury

Having struggled with balancing training, work and family life in the past, and suffering from overtraining and burn out during CX seasons, working with Lee has not only improved my performances but also allowed me to take the stress away from training management. Lee understands the pressures and constraints of everyday life and has provided specific training, designed for me, to help me achieve my goals. Spot on!

Phil Simcock

I've been working with Lee for just over 3 years now (which is a recommendation in itself!). In which time I've learned more about my capabilities, strengths and how to develop, than I had in the previous 20 odd years of trying to be competitive! In all that time I have never been able to fault the training or the results from it. Lee's constant attention and flexible approach has meant I've been able to keep focusing on my goals no matter what has come up, and I genuinely have faith in him to keep me racing at the top of my game for seasons to come

Dave Powell


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